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Borderline is a group of players and artists who are passionately dedicated to the realization of the project DEAL. A young and professional team based in France but present in other parts of the world, Borderline audaciously explores realistic and modern themes, sometimes at the expense of appearing subversive and politically incorrect.

But more than anything, Borderline consists of friends determined to make DEAL a reality and eager to design games that will leave a mark on uncharted territory.

DEAL’s father, world traveller, the project’s businessman and the engine behind its realization.

Beat maker monk, kawaii gamer, serene force of the group and the brain behind the mechanism of the game.

Roleplayer philosopher, mad for game-design, and graphic artist dedicated to the finalization of the project.

Meticulous and wacky illustrator, plastic artist recently converted to the graphic tablet, and the artistic soul of DEAL.

Party animal and photographer, lieutenant consultant of graphic design and marketing, fair trade expert.

Colombo-Canadian polyglot, chief translator and ambassador of DEAL in North America.

Adventurer, daredevil and emissary of DEAL in South America.

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This fine team managed to surround itself with professionals persuaded of the unique qualities of DEAL.


DEAL Story

DEAL begins with a dream I had during a peaceful night in Indonesia. The first test, I make it on the spot with matchsticks and eraser pieces.

Once back in Paris, I immediately consult Vinc on the idea, and he is quickly convinced of its potential. We tinker a prototype with Bristol board, Risk pieces and eraser bits (still used in disguise as dope pieces). We begin to seriously start testing the game.

Our first graphic artist is Sam, an architect in his state. It’s with his vision that the clans find their style and their personality. The board also begins to take shape! In the meantime, I go searching in the countryside of France for Krog, who will begin the first sketches of the weapon cards. Several versions are followed and the gameplay is refined. We hold a plebiscite and the guinea pigs voice their opinion and input.

Back to the roots: Clermont-Ferrand City! I get in contact with Mat, a friend from way back, who shares his game design expertise. He’s very enthusiastic about the idea so we pass him a prototype. The game is now being tested on a weekly basis.

Paris est Ludique 2013, DEAL’s first festival and exposure to the public. The attendees are quickly hooked on the theme and gameplay, and a continuous chain of games is played throughout the weekend. It’s in this occasion that Fabi joins the team and photographs our brand new model.

PEL also provides us with the opportunity to meet professionals, most notably Yves, from Robin Red Gam, and his partner Pascal. They both quickly fall in love with the game and provide us with invaluable advice.

After countless design modifications, DEAL launches its offensive in the international scene; Cannes’ International Games Festival. We discuss and chat with innumerable market actors and players who are high up in the ladder! It’s at this point that we decide to take the production of the project into our hands without conferring it to an editor.

We choose Kickstarter as the crowdfunding platform to finance our project, since it has the international scope destined for DEAL. Alejandro, who I met in the Trans-Siberian, on my way to Indonesia, enters the scene. He begins to work on DEAL’s first English version and initiates the North American operation from Toronto.

The preparation for the Kickstarter is a monumental but very gratifying task. After countless meetings, we improve the rules and examine all the details; making sure that everything is running like clockwork. Mat finalizes the graphic design while Krog breathes life into the bosses with sublime artwork. In the meantime, we wretchedly work with Robin Red Game to produce a game Made In France.

Finally, here we are, at the dawn of the Kickstarter launch. Everything is in place. DEAL is ready, and so are we. It will be with you that we will create and write the next chapter of DEAL.



A graphic and web designer who created DEAL’s logo.

Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano is a multi-talented creative, combining her experience in directing, editing, music production and marketing expertise to produce engaging and top quality content.

Thanks also to

El Paso - Florian Thouret - Simon Mazerol - Thierry Boulet - Vincent Radix - Mathieu blayo polord - Stéphane Gallani - Antoine Pempie - Fabien Baboz - Rudy Hanafi - Nicholas Bodart - Olivier Durillon - Thierry Noxus Gansore - Regis Pio - Doriska Sautron - Guillaume Chabard - Rodolphe Ithier - Simba Pardini Leon - David Simon - Agnes Largeaud - Les gars de Playad - Funky Notes - Ruga Roo - Yoann Miclet

And to the beta testers

Benjamin - Guillaume - Manuel - Alain - Jean Frederic - Robin - Manue - Fan - Flo - Ju - Johnjohn - Pedro - Stef - Laurent - Sylvain - Guigui - Vinc - Val - Rom - Piero - Miky - Tom - Auré - Camille - Rémi - Johnny - Yohann - Julien - et tous les amis de Némésis - Maël, Maxime, Dood - et tous les gens de Ludika'fée - et tous ceux que j'ai oublié !

And finally, last but not least, a big thanks to our Kickstarter backers!