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DEAL Corner is a quick game of arms trafficking in which you need bluff and memory in order to control a corner!

Short, simple and perfect for improvised duels, Corner is the best complement for DEAL American Dream.

All the components needed for a game of DEAL Corner can be found in the DEAL Amercian Dream's box. Two games in one!


DEAL Corner uses 50 weapon cards and 60 one million narcodollar bills.

In addition to the beautiful design, each weapon card has a damage value -indicated by the number on the right top corner of the card. This value represents the power of the weapon.


A DEAL Corner game is divided into two phases: the traffic phase, when players try to get the best weapons; and the combat phase, when they use these weapons.

The objective of the game is to survive the confrontation while saving up the maximum amount of bills.

Before the start of the game, the 60 bills have to be allocated equally amongst the players. 5 weapon cards are then displayed face down on the table for each player.

Traffic phase

During the traffic phase and following a clockwise order, players choose a card, look at it secretly, and then decide to replace it or to keep it.

In the latter case, the players bid to get this card. The one who places the highest bid wins the card but loses the bills wagered. The active player also has to bid if he wants to keep the card. Because he's the only one to have seen what weapon it is, he can bluff and force another player to take it!

The traffic phase ends when all players have 5 cards in their hand.

Combat phase

The combat phase is divided into 5 rounds. During each round, all the players have to simultaneously reveal one card from their hand.

The one who plays the most powerful card inflicts to the other players the number of hits equal to the difference between their damage values. The hits sustained by a player are the bills he loses.

If a player loses all his bills, he/she is eliminated. The winner is the surviving player who has the most bills left at the end of the combat phase.