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Armada Socialista del Pueblo

Revolutionary guerrilla and dope producers unlike any

A guerrilla hidden in the Venezuelan jungle, the ASP finds its roots in the socialist armed struggle against capitalism and corrupt government forces. In order to finance this movement they decide to invest resources in the cocaine industry with the support of local populations, but not always willingly. As the years passed, the ASP seems to have lost its revolutionary motives and is now an organization fully dedicated to a very profitable trade in the “white market”. However these veterans continue to use their guerrilla methods against their competitors.

The Asp operate from their relatively secure jungle. From there, they can safely produce big quantities and ship them all over the Americas.

"The revolution will not be televised."


Corner Kings quick on the trigga

Born in South Central and neglected by the system, the Krantifics never gave up on the American Dream promised by T.V and nearby Hollywood. They now rule the streets without competition nor mercy; often parading their luxurious rides, while blasting ganxta rap and carrying a gat ready to unload. Proud of their urban international culture which shines as bright as the the bling bling around their necks, the Krantifics are the unquestionable overseers and dealers of the product.

With the nearby gates almost wide open to the Mexican border, the gang has direct access to some major resources, which customers in Vegas are always eager to buy; a huge advantage for directing the goods. Years of experience have made them masters of trafficking.

"Keep our name out yo mouth!"

Maras del Diablo

Salvadorian Gang with innumerable forces

This Salvadorian gang was born in the ghettos of L.A. However, its fast growth in numbers and the ruthlessness of their operations made them a U.S. Government priority target. After an inevitable expulsion from American soil, the Maras founded their new headquarters in their original home country of El Salvador.

Establishing themselves as powerful intermediaries between the producing countries in the south and the consumer countries in the north, this pandilla will not allow the game to be played in their turf without royalties being paid first. In addition to holding the keys to an important geographic passage, Las Maras Del Diablo receive popular support from the Salvadorian barrios, where they easily recruit young members forgotten by the public sector.

"United ‘til death do us apart!"


Mafia Family discreet but influential

For generations now, the N’Veleno, a family originally from Calabria, has ruled the streets of Chicago. Deeply rooted in all levels of its dominion, the family is often backed up by politicians as well as friends in Chitown’s financial district. Specialists in extortion, money laundering and corruption, their key to success resides on a simple yet important principle: discretion.

Due to its close proximity to other big cities in the East Coast, the N’Veleno have adopted a method of quick expansion; one that is like lurking shadow, subtle, discreet and sometimes deadly.

"He who is not with me is against me."


Notorious Mexican cartel heavily armed

Victorious after a long and bloody war with the Guadalajara cartel, the Segardores rose to the top by tying a close relationship with the profitable military industry in North-America. Thanks to their fast and effective methods, and to an arsenal capable of turning even an Afghani warlord pale, the cartel Los Segadores have acquired a terrifying reputation. They are in indeed masters of intimidation, kidnapping, and arms trafficking.

Ideally placed near the gates to the U.S Border, the Segadores can easily smuggle their merchandise across to the other side; thus making themselves convenient intermediaries between the producers in South-America and the consumers in the North.

"I have enough stock to be heard."


Aggressive and ambitious Yakuza Clan

Descendants of respectable Japanese immigrants who settled in the west coast of Canada, the Yanagi are a hybrid criminal organization of these two cultures. They pride themselves of being worthy heirs of the Yakuzas, but they also aspire to a life full of flair and profit from the opportunities the American continent has to offer them. For this reason, the Yanagi might at first sight look like a gang of outlaws; dressed in flashy attires and provoking passerby who have the unfortunate luck of crossing their path. However, like their role models on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, they follow the orders of their bosses with utter discipline.

Located in the North West, the Yanagi are capable of spreading their influence in all directions; to either create far-reaching alliances or to eviscerate their enemies.

"We shall clean this dispute in a blood bath."

Hells Dogs MC

One-percenter motorcycle club

Founded in California by WW2 veterans, the Hells Dogs MC quickly spread all across the U.S. and Canada. They now count chapters in all the major cities of North America. These bikers tasted the joy of the 70s by being better at consuming the product than distributing it. Until they decided to use their fondness for immoderate violence to get in the business. Progressively, they began to contest the established monopoly of drug dealers in their cities, and soon emerged as some of the major players of drug trafficking in the continent. The Hells Dogs are a collegiate organization; meaning that their president is not omnipotent and that all the important decisions need to be voted unanimously by the inner circle.

These nomadic riders are present in all of North America; thus allowing the Hells Dogs to start their operations from Illinois, California as well as British Columbia.

"For the Club's benefice."

The Hells Dogs MC can't be found in any Deal American Dream's box. Anyhow, you can download their rules here.