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American Dream

DEAL American Dream is a strategic board game for 3 to 6 players about drug trafficking in America.

As leader of a criminal organization you have to produce, sell, trade, expand, suppress all threats and hide your scheme for as long as possible. Deal is about alliances and betrayal; and only one will vanquish!

Includes DEAL Corner: a small bluff and scam game about gang wars and arms trafficking.

Thanks to backers from all over the world, Deal American Dream has been funded with Kickstarter! The campaign is over, but you can still order your own box here.

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DEAL uses a map divided into territories. In the south you find the producer territories, and in the north, the consumer territories.

During each turn, a player will produce dope pieces on the producer territories he or she controls.

The dope pieces will then have to be transported to a consumer territory, via land or sea.

Finally, when a dope piece arrives to its destination, it will be sold for a large amount of cash!

However, it will be difficult for a player to control both a producer territory AND a consumer territory. For this reason, players will have to deal their dope to other players who will then take care of the distribution.

That is the heart of DEAL: players have to negotiate, fix prices, establish distribution networks, trust each other and, finally, backstab each other for the sake of more profit!

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Each player will embody one of the 6 clans competing for the domination of the drug trade:

The Krantifics gang.

The yakusas of the Yanagi clan.

The mafiosa family N'Veleno.

The Segadores cartel.

The Maras del Diablo.

And finally, the Armada Socialista del Pueblo.

Clan cards
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Players have access to three kinds of troops:

Soldiers are plentiful and easy to recruit.

Lieutenants are more dangerous and faster, but they are also more expensive and come in a limited number.

The boss represents the player. A player is eliminated when his or her boss is killed. So keep a close eye and always protect your boss!

Troop pawns
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When the troops of two players meet on a territory, combat is declared!

To determine the winner, players will have to use weapon cards. Among them you can find an array of ballistics; from banana peels to rocket launchers!

To defeat the adversary, one must have a good hand but must also possess enough troops to use the more powerful weapons and be able to withstand casualties.

Weapon cards
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A player is declared winner when he or she accumulates 10 respect points.

For this to happen, the player will have to control key territories, complete the objectives listed on his or her profile card and try to eliminate his or her target among the enemy bosses!

Profil & Target cards
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Event cards alter the pace of the game by bringing unexpected developments.

World events are political episodes or natural disasters that can disrupt the flow of the game, such as an Interpol operation or a cyclone.

Clan events are advantageous cards which players can hold onto and use at the most opportune time!

Event cards
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Although the rules are simple and intuitive, DEAL is full of tactical opportunities.

Players can traffic weapon cards, intimidate, lend or even steal dope pieces! There is no limit to the things players can negotiate and scheme.

DEAL is a great game to make enemies!

Download the rules of DEAL American Dream

Deal American Dream rulebook

DEAL American Dream contains also all you need to play DEAL Corner A little game of arms dealing mixing bluff and memory for the control of a corner!

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DEAL is a board game about illegal drug trade and gang wars. Like a lot of books, movies and TV shows on the topic, DEAL is not promoting drugs nor the people or organizations, which sell it; similar in fashion to the strategic game Risk© which does not promote war. DEAL offers a playful and satirical critique on these subjects.